BROS – Мicrobec

For 20 years, BROS products have protected the premises and our immediate surroundings from small uninvited guests – insects and rodents. The main and priority attention is paid to ensuring that all products are very effective. All products have been tested in laboratories and tested in the natural environment, so we are sure that we deliver in your hands a product of the highest quality.
BIOPON – we also offer a wide and well-selected range of high quality fertilizers to help you care for all houseplants and garden plants.

Trade experience and success:

  • 20 successful years on the market
  • over 300 products of the highest quality
  • an established market leader in Poland
  • the widest range of insect repellent products

Professional manufacturer:

  • modern technological lines that meet all the requirements for quality and environmental protection
  • modern laboratory equipped with high class equipment
  • efficient logistics of order fulfillment within 48 hours
  • quick reaction with a sharp increase in consumption – very important for seasonal items
  • ISO 9001:2000