The Beginning

bonega-big-300x141-hOur company was founded in 1992 by Božena Janečková and ing. Roman Hudeček. Since the beginning of the activity, neither the shares nor the partners have been changed. Both partners are also Secretaries of the company BONEGA.

Origin of the Name

Word “BONEGA” comes from the artifical international language Esperanto. In that language, BONEGA®means “excellent”.  BONEGA® was also registered as a trademark in 2004.

Seat of the Company

Our company  (including warehouses and manufacture) is located in Sudoměřice nad Moravou, which is city on the Slovakia border.


In the beginning our company was concerned with several branches. Now we are focused in three – electrical installations devices, water meters and public warehouse. We participate in our own research, which brings new unique products and innovations every year. Our passion is to keep increasing usability and technical parameters of our products. Our success is proved by several awards from international fairs.

Our approach to customers

High Quality

  • Every product is thoroughly tested.
  • Our products are full of unique and patented ideas that increase technical parameters and reliability.
  • High quality materials and technologies
  • We use the latest knowledge both from scientists and consumers in our research.
  • We keep increasing our warranty. We are the first company in the Czech Republic, which provides 3 year warranty for Circuit Protection Devices.

Fast and High Quality Services

  • Very fast response to special requests
  • Technical support

Detailed Information

  • Very detailed web pages accessible without registration.
  • Participation at international fairs.
  • We answer even highly special questions.

Price strategy

  • individual approach