bros-300x141“BROS”  has provided insecticides for many years.
Each of them is designed and created to ensure its users a pleasant, secure and non-stress stay in the environment where presence of these small intruders, i.e. insects and rodents, is often bothersome.
We attach overriding importance to the content of every container, which should be a chemical agent that is not only effective but also safe for human being.
Every season we offer you new products, which compositions and containers are to provide safe and comfortable use

With its brand BIOPON, the company offers a wide and well-selected range of high quality fertilizers, which are the main assistant to care for all home and garden plants.

Experience and success:

  • long experience on the market
  • over 300 products with the highest quality
  • an established market leader in Poland
  • the widest range of products against insects
  • modern technological lines meet all requirements for quality and environmental protection
  • modern laboratory equipped with high-end equipment
  • efficient logistics in the implementation of orders
  • reyaktsiya rapid surge in demand – very important for seasonal items
  • ISO 9001: 2000