With around a thousand products TFA Dostmann GmbH & Co. KG is one of the leading companies producing weather related instruments. Founded in 1964, the company is a family business and has been run by Axel Dostmann since 1993. The company head office is in Reicholzheim (near Wertheim, Germany) and employs 110 people. Typically TFA […]

Invest Electronics

Invest Electronics Ltd develop and manufacture gas detection systems for control of combustible and toxic gases. Brand name GAS SENSE includes fixed gas detection systems, portable and domestic gas detectors.

The company started his business in 1990 as manufacturer of domestic electronic products. Since 1998 Invest Electronics Ltd starts manufacturing gas detection systems. For this time […]


“BROS”  has provided insecticides for many years.
Each of them is designed and created to ensure its users a pleasant, secure and non-stress stay in the environment where presence of these small intruders, i.e. insects and rodents, is often bothersome.
We attach overriding importance to the content of every container, which should be a chemical agent that […]


With its brand BIOPON, the company offers a wide and well-selected range of high quality fertilizers, which are the main assistant to care for all home and garden plants.
Experience and success:

long experience on the market
over 300 products with the highest quality
an established market leader in Poland
the widest range of products against insects
modern technological lines meet […]


The Beginning
Our company was founded in 1992 by Božena Janečková and ing. Roman Hudeček. Since the beginning of the activity, neither the shares nor the partners have been changed. Both partners are also Secretaries of the company BONEGA.
Origin of the Name
Word “BONEGA” comes from the artifical international language Esperanto. In that language, BONEGA®means “excellent”.  BONEGA® […]

Swissinno Solutions

As a young and dynamic firm we regard it as our duty to enrich the market with innovative ideas, exciting products and outstanding service. We intend to master this ambitious challenge for our customers as well as the final consumers. With our interdisciplinary competences we will supply products which are environmentally conscious, and economically attractive. […]